10 Ways to Oppose Trumpism Other Than Voting

Not everyone will be able to vote in the presidential election this November (perhaps due to disenfranchisement, a job that forbids them from taking time off, matters of conscience, etc.). Some people believe the stakes are so high that they wish to do EVEN MORE than vote to protect the people they love from creeping fascism. Of course, even if Trump loses this election, the social forces that let him get this far will still be around, so it’s worth fighting those to prevent the next Trump, too. This is my brief attempt at explaining several ways you can up your commitment outside of the ballot box.

1. Support Black Lives Matter
All lives matter, but black lives need the most help in America right now. Attend rallies in your area.

2. Support the Fight for $15
This seemingly-idealistic push to increase the minimum wage to something livable has already won some major victories, including adoption in NY state. When fast food workers near you are on strike, stop by and express your support.

3. Work with Food Not Bombs
This anarchist network has locations set up in many major cities to provide fresh food to low-income populations. You can donate food or your time to help prepare hot meals for people in your area who need it the most – it’ll help bring your community together rather than push it apart.

4. Film the police
If you have a smartphone, you can do this one. It’s legal to film the police in public from a safe distance in all 50 states – doing so might increase the chance that they choose to de-escalate a situation. Be careful out there.

5. Get an ACLU membership
The ACLU has stuck up for civil rights for decades, and will continue to oppose unconstitutional infringements of rights. If the proposed ban on Muslims ever gets serious discussion, they’ll be the ones to shut it down. You can join for $25 and continue renewing your membership for as little as $5.

6. Subscribe to a labor or socialist publication
Stopping the rightward drift of the American mainstream means strengthening the left, which has been depleted with the decline of labor unions. I personally think In These Times and Jacobin are entertaining, and your subscription will help broaden public thought and pay struggling writers.

7. Attend counter-protests of fascist rallies
Hitler himself said that his movement would never have succeeded if it had been recognized for what it was and confronted in its early days. When the KKK or other white nationalist factions poke their heads out in your area, join the inevitable counter-protest to send the message that hate isn’t welcome on our streets.

8. Donate to or volunteer with Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood does a ton of different work to help poor women, LGBTQ people, and other groups that are directly threatened by Trump/Pence’s rhetoric. Your financial donations are appreciated, and calling your nearest location and asking if they need any volunteer support is always welcome.

9. Protect Muslims and immigrants from abuse
Muslims and Mexicans (and anyone who could be mistaken for Muslim or Mexican) are the #1 scapegoat on the Trumpist agenda. Support the Council on American-Islamic Relations if possible, help any Syrian refugees that are settled in your area, and don’t let your friends make bigoted jokes or comments.

10. Advocate for nuclear disarmament
Worried about Trump having control of a nuclear arsenal? You’ll have less to worry about if we didn’t have enough bombs to blow up the planet ten times over! When the opportunity arises, speak up in favor of ditching weapons that can only ever be used to cause the deaths of thousands of innocent people.

This is just a small sampling of the options available to counter the rising forces of fascism in the US. If you reasonably believe Trump is a historic threat to peace and democracy, I’m sure you’ll want to oppose him and the forces that gave him rise by any means necessary.


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